veterans day

... once again, its time to remember all the soldiers
that fell and died, in the interest of the nation

... I was thinking about how war and violence just
seems to be part of our material reality
... the last peacetime president being someone way back,
Warren G. Harding maybe?

... anyways it makes me think about how our reality
is just full of confict, ying battling yang, conflict is a fact
of life

... as Alan Watts said, consider our own immune system,
at work constantly, fighting epic battles against
invading bacteria, virii, and disease, and for the most part,
we are unaware, just going along in our lives as though
all was peaceful within our bodies

... the little conflicts are like static discharges, which
prevent too much accumulation of charge, which could lead
to a global war ... there must be balance to prevent disease

... so as it is above, so it is below, what is outside,
is a reflection of what is inside

... so maybe the gods, as they sit up there in the more ethereal
airs, see wars between humans like an immune system operating
on earth ... cells killing other cells, to maintain the balance

... I think God gives fallen soldiers the right to come back to
a better world, a world where the fallen soldier can have a life
to continue on their personal treks toward happiness

... alot of babies being born are the souls of fallen soldiers,
who are again given a chance at human life and the opportunity for transcendance.

© 2012 by zentara