the affair

... I was caught by surprise by the story in the news that
the CIA director, General Petraeus was resigning because
of an affair with the biographer who wrote his book

... timed perfectly with ads for his book on the Drudge report

... it got me thinking, why should what people do in their
private sex lives, have anything to do with their professional

... lets face it, sex is everywhere. Teen girls start flashing
their wares as soon as they can, Pravda makes jokes about how
the West is controlled by sex.

... now, I've never had much sex in my life, and I can testify
that men need sex, and unless someone can actually prove with
statistics, that adultery or any out-of-marriage sex act brings
bad karma, I see no reason for him to resign.

... I saw a picture of his biographer, and I have to admit,
I would want to have sex with her, if I was hanging around all day
writing a book with her

... now I have to admit, being head of the CIA does present some
special situations, where falling into a sexual laison may implicate
national security ... but c'mon, he was with an approved biographer,
who he was supposed to spill his beans to for the book

... why should the Freudian Judeo-Christian guilt complex over sex,
be controlling our actions?

... I mean, look at Tiger Woods ... his daliances were co-incident
with his greatest golf performances ... it only fell apart when
the supporters of marriage made a big stink out of it

... but, as I say, I have little real sexual experience outside
of my imagination, and maybe there is bad karma which comes
from any infidelity ... then again, maybe it is just our
collective guilt over sex, playing games with our minds

... I sure could use some sex with my biographer... :-)

© 2012 by zentara