good news, bad news

... I saw in the news today that they discovered
a planet, like earth, with water, only 42 light-years

... what a find! It has water, orbits its sun every 200 days,
and only 42 light years away

... maybe we can all ride the gravity train there :-)

... the bad news is that it has 7 times the earth's planetary
mass, meaning we would all feel like we weighed 7 times as much,
if we lived there ... you would have to be super thin, and
in great shape to go live there, not to mention the air
pressure on our ears... ouch

... that reminds me of an old theory proposed by Hugh Downs
( a long gone intelligent TV host).
In one of his books, he suggested that planets shrink over time.
That Mars, for example, used to be more massive, and had shrunk
over time, to the point where its atmosphere evaporated away, like a shrivelled
up old person. Planets get old too, and as they do, they shrink
in mass somehow. Maybe an unknown type of blackhole at its core,
or some dimensional process where atoms can spontaneously pop out
of existence ... a very slow process ... taking eons of Time,
but planets do age

...IIRC, he said that at the time corresponding to Mars being more massive,
the earth was too, and he used some argument to prove it, by the
mechanical engineering aspects of dinosaur bones

... his analysis argued, the giant thick dino bones were developed against
a larger gravitational field, when earth was more massive too
... something to do with the optimal bone thickness vs length considering the gravitational
force ... and assuming that that is what nature would produce
... so those thick boned big bodies were nature's adaptation to increased gravity

... so if this new super-sized earth planet is shrinking, as theory
may suggest, by the time we can go the 42 light years to get there,
it may have shrunk down, to a size just right for us humans

... not too fat, not too thin, but just right, like baby bear likes it :-)

© 2012 by zentara