the cold setting in

... brrr, the first cold weather of the season has descended
upon my camp

... during my life as a camper, I have learned how to handle
the cold ... if nothing else, dress in layers, and spend alot
of time in your sleeping bag

... I do believe, like the monks in the Himalayas, that the body
can turn up its own internal heat generation, presumably by burning

... but would'nt it be fantastic, if we could somehow generate internal
heat by absorbing it from the hidden dimensions? Some of the monks
in the Himalayas can generate so much internal heat, that they can
melt snow in a 20 foot diameter circle around them ... but that may
just be PR

... I think the radiant power is there to be had,
if only a mind astute enough, and spiritually dedicated enough, was to try
to invoke it

... of course, I warn all Sorcerer's Apprentices that one mistake
can lead to a thing called Spontaneous Combustion, ... where you
instantly turn to ash, releasing a brilliant flash of energy

... but, have no fear, the Great Tao has the secret locked behind
many doors, so that no one will accidently stumble upon the key

... the lesson is this: the soul can still live at absolute zero, its the
sack of water, symbiotic bacteria, and genes which we drag around, that need to be
kept at that just right temperature ... not too hot, not too cold,
just like baby bear likes it

... yearly exposure to cold weather is generally good for the health,
it's invigorating and good for the liver

... oh, the need for warmth .....

© 2012 by zentara