thoughts on election day

... I've always been into fairplay, so let the best man win.
... In God We Trust

... and I do believe that God is somehow involved, except most
people in my honest estimation, don't even see what God
truly is anymore ... they don't see life as karma in action

... God has it set, so that what would be best for the world,
will occur, given the current situation ... so barring any
human interference, the outcome should be good and in everyone's best interest

... and even though mythology says that God expelled us from
the Garden of Eden, it dosn't mean that God's influence over
events has disappeared, it just means that God has handed control
of our souls over to lesser entities, the angels ... God IS NOT dead.
... God just dosn't like to get dirty down here in the material world,
so we deal with the angels and lesser gods

... now what is best for the world, dosn't mean lining
everyone's pockets with money ... true intrinsic happiness
is the goal here ... a world where you wake up rested and happy
to just smell the coffee

... I just heard a radio show, where it was mentioned that it
it is terribly fearful to meet any angel, whether they be good
or bad ... their prescense and the thoughts they emit,
is just so far beyond what mortal man can understand, that
we just are mesmerized, caught transfixed by their conciousness

... I don't want to scare anyone, or get myself labeled as a fruitcake,
but I do believe there is something going on in the hidden dimensions,
in the dark energy... the parallel universes that can suddenly come
into manifestation

... how many people from the lower east side of Manhatten, had any clue
of what was coming toward them, as they sat partying for Halloween

... their worlds have all been suddenly altered, showing the rest
of us, what life will be like after any armageddon type event

... I don't know what to think about the Islamic world pointing fingers
at us, saying these storms and disasters are Allah's karmic equalizer
coming in to devastate us

... I heard a spokesman for a Brittish based re-insurer, the people who
sell insurance to our national insurers, say that because of global warming,
and the consequent weather changes, that North America may become un-insurable,
not worth the payout risk ... too much damage always occurring

... how in the hell can people build these ocean-front beach houses, and
rebuild over and over, after every storm. The sea coasts will become
uninsurable zones, and we will see housing going in 1 of 2 directions

... people will go back to the original cheap disposible housing, like
grass huts, and tin roof insect proof sheds, or it will go to the
super strong ... building underground or earth sheltered designs, which
won't get blown away in the frequent dangerous storms

... the way we build in this country should start to change, to make
structures more resistant to these storms. At least earth shelter buildings
so that at least 3 sides are at or below ground level

... if you build near the ocean, be up on 10 foot or 15 foot cement columns,
preferably with a ferro-cement shell on top

... so ... may the best man win

© 2012 by zentara