the information game

... I am becoming an intelligence detached from my
body, and find myself sitting in front of all the information
passing thru my computer screen, thru the radio, floating in cyberspace,
trying to integrate all of it, into 1 cohesive picture of the
state of the world, or my increasingly wise, interpretation
or mis-interpretation of it

... all the events of the world, swirl in this giant cosmic
mixer, and then ... et voila, the future happens, it happens
about every ten-trillionth of what we call a second
... so fast, most of us don't see it happening, it seems smooth,
but it changes very fast

... it's all karma, as many say

... I was extremely fortunate in some ways, to be an unmarried
person, while in pursuit of my dreams and studies. But, as I try to download
pictures of Natasha Kinski, to see her beautiful body, I wonder
if all my years of loneliness was worth it? I sure wish someone
like Natasha was sitting on my lap right now, sipping coffee together,
after a night of hot love play ... giggling at the news

... I do have memories though, good memories of a few women who took
the time to show me some free and honest pleasure
... thanks for those memories at least

... so thats how the information game works, getting the message
into someone's thought stream ... and men, for the most part, daydream
about having sex about 40% of the time ... you have to break into
that mind stream

... I think I would have been happier with a good wife, but I was
set off on this path, of experiencing torturous lonliness and boredom
as a means of detaching myself from the world

... well, at least I'm not self-immolating myself :-)

© 2012 by zentara