my 2 cents

... no guts, no glory as they say, so in the name
of posterity, I would say that I would vote for
Obama, if I was to vote

... not that there is a big difference between the
way Obama and Romney would do things, but if I had
to choose a captain for the ship I was riding on,
I would choose Obama to steer more correctly than

... why don't I even bother to vote? Because I don't
see any candidates who can be called worthwhile alternatives

... the only ones I might have voted for was the Green Party
candidates, who, from what I hear, got arrested for trying to
enter a press conference without an invitation

... I mean the press makes a laughing stock of Putin's sneaky
second term as leader, and the pussy riot over there; but are we
that much different?

... I mean, the big money controls everything behind the scenes,
the media is just brainwashing us into believing we , the US, have
to be the policemen of the world; and we are running into a giant
debt doing it

... no candidate who wants to turn us into a Denmark like nation,
can attain a national candidacy, or if they do, they don't stay there
for long ... you get run out of town for critisizing the military

... what would be wrong, with withdrawing from the world stage,
as "world's policemen".

... all the great powers of the past, have fallen .... the Spainish Armada,
the Brittish Fleet, the Russian navy, and now us

... I think we need a few subs carrying H-bombs out there, to retaliate
if needed, but in reality, we need more Seal-Team-6 type units, ready to
deploy, and do what needs to get done

... we can produce enough food for ourselves, and maybe slowing the world
down a notch or 2, would be a good thing for the happiness of the vast majority

... Americans have forgotten that greed is a sin, and leads to unhappiness,
as we are currently experiencing

... well, that's the way I see it. I think we are better off bringing
the troops home, and stationing them along the borders, and turning the US into doing
what everyone else is doing, that is looking-the-other-way when they see
foreign conflicts, and try to make peace at home

... I like the Denmark model, but Ron Paul isn't allowed on the ballot?
Why not? That is what I want to know? The Canadians and Brittish do quite
well with the parliamentery style of house, where even Ron Paul and his
party would be given as many seats as the percentage of the popular vote

... but, that is why I don't vote ... it seems the whole system in America
is rigged, and voting for 1 of the 2 puppets, makes me feel like a puppet

... I mean a 1 Party sytem is bad, a 2 Party system is better, 3 better yet, but
why not an infinite party system? If you can get together 100,000 people to be
in your party, you can get your name on the ballot. The percentage of seats given
to each party is dictated by the popular vote

... that is about as fair a system as can be, considering the difficult conditions
we face on earth.
© 2012 by zentara