election day holiday

... considering how much importance we place on
Presidential Election Day, it should be made
a National Holiday ... for everyone ... even the
shoe shine boys, and cabbies

... it definitely discriminates against working people,
who have to rush to the polls after picking up their
kids after school, and before making dinner and doing
a load of laundry

... plus the voting lines get long when everyone shows up
at 5PM wanting to vote before the polls close at 7

... people should have that day off, and should have the right
not to work that day, if they don't want to, so they can devote
it to voting

... of course, I wonder if it really makes any difference anymore
who gets in the President's office ... if you make it to a national level,
you probably are already working for the same team

... I guess it does make a difference, when it comes to things like
nominating Supreme Court judges, and shaping and molding tax legislation

... I read an interesting story today, about how George Bush senior,
was giving an exclusive conference to big-time money investors, on the
Cayman Islands ... reporters were not allowed and all attendees were
sworn to secrecy

... now, letting my imagination run wild, what do you suppose they
are going to be talking about?

... to be honest, I don't care, because after yesterday's Day of the Dead
celebrations, I can only think of the old wise saying seen at the entrance
to a Creole cemetary in Port-Au-Prince: Remember that you are dust

© 2012 by zentara