its becoming a wild world

... the world used to be a quiet place, not alot of noise
nor activity

... seems like now, everything is go-go-go, loud,loud,loud

... no one just sits around anymore enjoying existence

... you always have to be doing something, or else one
is left feeling left behind, left out,
with the guilt complex over wasting time

... as more people get older, more people will face this
existential crisis ... how to handle the loss of status
which working and being useful to the world brings to one

... talk about the facts of life ... that is the real fact
of life #1 ... the indisputable fact, that unless you we're
lucky enough to die young, eventually you are left stranded
in space-time and classified as useless

... death is all around us now ... at any moment, almost
anyone of us could have a sudden death

... how do you psychologically handle that?

... there is nothing one can do. I look out into the vast
cosmic sea ahead of us, and for certain see a giant tidal wave
coming thru time which eventually kills each of us

... you can see it coming for yourself ... just gaze into
your own future, and you can see there is a point where you
are no more ... gone from the stage of earth ... you don't
even imagine seeing your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren,
because you can't see them yet, and you never will

... it's just a fact of life

... so where do you go, when this life is over? That is the
Trillion dollar question, isn't it?

© 2012 by zentara