the aftermath

... the big storm Sandy has passed, lucky it missed us
here... except for my tarp nearly getting blown away

... lucky I caught it before it flew the coop

... the storm was huge, gauged by the amount of air it was
sucking in, and the winds thus generated

... there is an essential macrobiotic and zen spiritual
truth, which applies here:
The bigger the front, the bigger the back
power waves which are big in developing have a similarly
large tail off

... I sometimes actually feel like I'm actually swimming in the cosmic ocean,
and these giant karmic time waves come at me, which I must react to, or perish

... just like the big rollers out on the ocean, the really big ones,
you can just see them coming, like a mountain moving toward Mohammed,
the inevitable karmic forces building until, WHAM! ... all Hell
just suddenly breaks loose ... no hope ye who enter here

... you either rise over them, or dive thru them

... some people prefer to stay dry, but others like myself,
love being wet, and I dive right thru the cosmic wave, guided by
the great Krishna, to hold tight and come out the other side

... suddenly, I feel reborn , Sandy was good for me

... and always remember: When life conspires against you, and
no longer bouys your boat, don't waste your time with complaining,
just get on your back and float :-)

© 2012 by zentara