I, mud

... help, I fell into the material universe, and I can't get out

... I read an extremely enlightening article in Science News, called
I, Mold; which explains the subtle differences between the animal and
vegetable kingdom, in their cell structure, and furthuring explaining
what fungi are

... aspergillus is everywhere, but get it into your spine, and you could
be a goner

... the article said that the fungi's purpose is to wait till the organism dies,
then decompose the body ... built-in Langoliers of sorts, that recycle the mud you
are made of, back into the ecosystem.

... the problem comes when the fungi get activated while you are still alive

... maybe there is a symbiotic relationship possible, between fungi and humans?

... the fungi-man zombie, his digestive system being this symbiotic fungi digester,
which fungi-man lives off of, by feeding it grass :-)

... it's a real day of reckoning, when you actually come to realize that we
are just sacks of skin, filled with symbiotic bacteria and fungi, without which,
we couldn't be alive

... remember War of the Worlds ? It was the invisible fungi which saved humanity
from the Martians

... I guess, only about 10% of what we call us, is actually us, the rest being
bacteria, fungi, and water

... it fascinates me to no end, that astro-physicists also say that we can only
see 10% of the material universe ... the vast majority is hidden in Dark Energy
fields and and dark matter ... the other dimensions

... it's just like us and our fungi, the seen and the unseen, the 10% and the 90%

© 2012 by zentara