the cold coming in

... whow, this Sandy storm, a storm of the century,
is finnally bringing the cold winter to my camp

... it's a full moon too, the moon was so bright this
morning, it seemed like a spotlight... bright
... it must be the cool air that the monster storm is sucking in,
making the air crystal clear... all the way up to higher altitudes,
like in the pristine desert

... I need the long pants and coats, but still can keep
the shoes off :-)

... man, the things I've seen in the last few days

... I don't watch much tv or movies anymore, but I sure
would like to see that new James Bond Movie, SkyFall.
I read the plot, and it took me by complete surprise what
SkyFall meant... I figured it would be something to do
with jumping out of space vehicles, and making it to earth,
like old Fearless Felix... but it was home turf.

... I did recently get a chance to see The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo.
... I really liked that girl character, and was heartbroken when
it didn't have a happy ending for her ... but there is always the sequel
and pre-quel

... I was struck by the fact that Daniel Craig is a leading man in
both these movies ... Craig has that rugged dirt dog look and growl,
he reminds me of Mr. Putin from certain camera angles

... best James Bond ever

... but, it's time to get winterized... adopt a strategy to let
me hibernate thru the cold winder, like a bear

... all that Russian mob girl and MI6 movie stuff, makes me want
to crawl into a bunker somewhere, and wonder AMIMI6

... I can dream all winter on why the name on the wicked helicopter gunship,
which we use, for fast attack, is named SPECTRE, and what that means to conspiracy bufs.

... just 10's of computer aimed 50 cal machine guns, all mounted on a flying
platform ... I wonder how much they cost ?

© 2012 by zentara