the new cold war

... I consider myself to be an adult alpha male, and
after all these years of learning the hard way, I think
I can legitimately offer the existing political leadership
some advice

... concerning the fiasco in BenGhazi, what should have been done,
was once the on-premises groups started to feel threatened, they
should have went to a randomized location protocol. Where you
never appear at the same place more than once. Never meet people at
announced locations, scramble times, etc. etc. etc.

... it isn't rocket science, but grade school gang tactics

... start randomizing everything, then when you notice people
following you to see the new random meeting point, you know they
are the bad guys ... thats how you collect intelligence if you
were a mathematician

... there is a new cold war, and we just need to revert to the
old style tactics, like when the CIA and KGB played cat-and-mouse
games in post world war 2 europe

... it seems to be: us the western people, versus the islamic terrorists

... I was musing about why Russia and the US never fought a monumental war

... I think it is because we both are Babylon, we both seek happiness of the people

... Babylon vs. anti-Western Terrorists ... the new cold war is on, so adopt
simple, cost free techniques to f**k up their intelligence

© 2012 by zentara