the spin

... I have nothing to do all day, except to sit
around and surf the news, thereby trying to
make sense out of this crazy world

... as usual, to really see the world, you need to
climb above it, get the big picture

... well today, I saw the perfect example of it: spin

... a news item which was posted on some Washington
website, showed how a video ad technique of men pandering themselves
to young women, to get votes ... specifically the ad showed
an old gypsy woman, reading tarot, for a love-lost starry eyed
teen age girl, who is shown the Putin card ... and falls
instantly in love with him... The Knight in Shining Armor,
vote for Putin, etc etc

... she was a sweet looking Russian girl too.. :-)

... we in the West, would have easily spun that to show
the mob-like corruption of the ex-KGB run Politboro ,
or that Putin may be sinking into Berlesconi-style lust
for young girls

... bah Ruskies, bah Ruskies, as my dear old Lithuanian immigrant
grandmother used to say :-)

... but wait, just as you thought you cleanched the deal,
made the sale, against the evil Ruskies, some pro-Obama
ad comes out and does exactly the same thing, called the FirstTime,
where some average looking white teen chick, girl-talks to her
female confidants, in a way that suggests a sexual nature.

... like talking about the first time, tying the first time to
voting, etc... and she spurts out at the end, that she chose Obama,
like it was her first confession, to her friends that she
actually had sex, and it was great, and it was Obama ... vote Obama

... my thought is, do both these political empires have the same PR people :-)

... personally, I've alway seen Russia as a friend. We've never been
at war with them, and we have allied in the past with them ... I see
no need to mistrust them, just as they should see no need to mistrust us.
... and don't forget the real Russian revolution, and how bad the Czar's were

... but it's that spin

... I'm beginning to believe it's all Kama Sutra, but I am far
out of this world already

... sorry grandma, but I would willingly connect with that sweet young
Russian girl

© 2012 by zentara