self immolation

... I just saw a news story that the Chineese authorities
were offering nearly 8000 dollars, as a reward for preventing
any self-immolator from actually igniting
... turn in your religous nut neighbor, if he is toting cans of
gasoline around with him or her, and seems suspicious

... I always considered myself to be part of the Dalai clique,
but I suppose this country would do the same thing, under the Patriot
Act, or whatever, if people here started self-immolating against the
perceived or real injustices of the government

... I sit here, a monk, in the relative comfort and safety of
a north american hobo camp, with my aches and pains, and wonder?
What kind of extreme injustice is occurring to make people set themselves
a fire and endure the utter agony of being burned alive?

... I have to agree with the authorities, that it is too babaric of an event,
to just let occur ... funds should be spent to prevent it beforehand

... I could see the validity of protest of the last self-immolators ... the
buddhist monks protesting the napalm war in S.E. Asia, the protest could
be seen as a last desparate scream of those souls against wartime injustices

... but are conditions in Tibet really that bad? Could this just be
the normal bunch of sixth sigma extreme believers, that .01% way off at the edge
of the bell shaped curve of believers, who freak out when they realize the modern
world dosn't work well with their belief system, and will die for believing it's true.

... is there evidence of someone else starting these people on fire?,
is someone paying their families money for their heroic sacrifice

... are people starving in Tibet?

... I mean here, we got wacko's going off on a daily basis, charging
nude toward policemen, and other wild stunts ending in their sudden
death ... I mean a death is a death, no matter how caused, or how much
pain the suicidal nut experienced, he just reached the END_OF_EARTH for him.

... maybe their souls do go to a higher place in heaven, for their noble
self-sacrifices, but then again, they wasted the rest of their lives, a life
where somewhere in the close future, relative good times will come for Tibet

... if the buddhist monks who self-immolated back in Vietnam days, were still
alive today, in prosperous Vietnam, would they have wished they stayed alive?

... thats about all I can say, everyone has a Free Will, and if they want
to self-immolate, let them, and just clean up the ashes ... it's better than
them taking the gasoline and burning cars and buildings with molotov cocktails

... sometimes letting the path of least damage occur is the best way
self-immolation is better for society than public-immolation

© 2012 by zentara