just for posterity

... I've been relating to a few people recently
about a recent story of a neuroscientist who
claimed to have had a near death experience,
and found himself detached from his earthly senses,
and was left on some higher plane of existence

... where he was met, by an angelic creature, so beautiful
that he was just mesmerized

... but here is the thing I wanted to mention, he said in that
realm, there was this awe inspiring hum, it felt like thousands
of creatures all humming simultaneously, it felt like rain
on your skin, but it didn't make you wet, and as I seem
to remember it, it energized everything

... this experience of his, has just rang so true to me, intuitively,
that yeah, I have to believe that we can transcend from the world
of gravity, the world affected by the laws of matter, and be left
in this eternal spirit dimension ... energized by the eternal Om

... well, that is what the Great Hope is, anyways

... someone told me once that the brain makes and releases DMA
in times of near death, to put us into the spiritual trance state
before we actually die

... it dosn't really matter does it? How the mind gets into the higher state
of conciousness, the time-trancending part of us seeing the truth about
eternity, and the extremely short time period we are actually here on earth

... each of our lives are less than a blink of the eye, in eternal terms

... so why worry? Be happy.

... but to live on the power of the eternal Om, that is a goal worth pursuing,
at any earthly cost ... it may be the dream of the Breatharian

... and the only cost we need to pay, is to die, and it all comes for free,
to everyone. What a deal, God couldn't have been any kinder to us

P.S. Here is a photo they used to visually imitate the higher state on the Drudge Report
(photo by Rex, whomever he may be :-))

[photo by Rex] ------------------------------------------
© 2012 by zentara