the spirit insects are biting

... I read a recent speech about Mr. Farakhan's
observation that the West is soon to be experiencing
the judgements of God, Allah will curse us with
plagues, just as the old Egyptian pharoah was
... as prophecized in the Koran

... but as I think about it all, it seems those plagues
have already been thrust upon us, in the forms of the
various diseases of Western man

... it seems everyone is afficted by something, like
arthritis, extreme depression, heavy partying and
drinking, VD, too much exhaust blown in the face,
or whatever it is that is slowly killing you, nickel
and diming you away till you are DOA, as they say

... it occured to me today, as I pondered my relationship
with the insect life around here, maybe the psychic realms
have little annoying insects that come to feed off of us,
those who lived bad lifestyles for far too long ... living
in the fast lane, as we used to say

... the Amish know what I'm talking about

... so my impetus for writing today, was to warn everyone
about the invisible psychic bugs that come to knaw away
at our own imperfections, and they seem to prefer eating off of
fat people ... and the universe is trying to use these annoyances
to modify our behavior back to the old bushman lifestyle and diet

... the perfection of the Macrobiotic principles

... I know, I was fat at one time. I've lost over a hundred
pounds a few times in my life, and I can attest to how much
better things go as you get lighter... we are all way too fat.

... even I now, though not technically fat, still need to loose
50 more pounds ... to get the shape of the old time African
bushman ... people are meant to be skinny

... but, that is what I heard, they said: "They come after the
fat people first", the psychic criiters, or plagues as some call them

... I wish I never ever got fat to begin with, because my life has
always been a struggle against the easy greasy food made available
to us in recent history ... a constant struggle against getting so fat you can't do
useful things like ride a bicycle 50 miles to the local supply depot
for your monthly grain allotment from the government train

I would have been better off as peasant farmer growing
my own potatoes and barley

... most ailments we face now, are just our body's way of adapting
to the new non-natural world we all have been enjoying for the last
one hundred years, as we migrated from farms to cities

... too much sugar, too much fat, too much fried, too much salt,
too much riding around in cars ... but they got us all hooked now
... only the very young see the benefits of riding bikes

... the US government would probably do it citizens some good if
they cut the collective diet back so that everyone was living
on homemade beer and bread ... thats what the pharoahs did

... eh, but then again, you only live once, as they say, and if the fat
insects don't get you, other bigger birds of prey, like old age, accident, and death
still haunt the realm

... I guess there are multiple meanings to the word fat, but that
is the way I wrote it down, but maybe it should be phat?

... that is something to ponder

... To get your thought off of that
I think ice cream was one of the best things about earth :-)
... yeah, the land of milk and honey

© 2012 by zentara