mudpies of the gods

... I was thinking today about making mudpies
when young, to build immunity

... then I thought, we are essentially mud,
slapped together and molded by the gods

... then, the real question is whether the mud
is doing the will of the gods, or has it
run amouk, and just gone crazy on this planet

... it's hard to say, being one of the very humans
that may being running amouk, without realizing it

... Run_Amoukers Anonymous: .... hello, my name
is zentara, and quite possibly I've run amouk

... somehow, I got entangled in the muddy ocean of the material
world, and I need a rescue copter

... I was sailing for Krishnaloka, when for some reason, I
became entangled in the place called earth, a well known
wreckage area

... I have provisions, and the natives are generally friendly

... no hurry to pick me up
© 2012 by zentara