planning the voyage

... every good captain must plan ahead for a voyage,
and my soul, being captain of my ship, is trying to
make ready for it's great adventure into the unknown

... the basic course has been laid out for me, by past masters,
but the instructions are vague, since no one has ever returned
to actually report a first hand account. No one who makes it, ever returns.

... the basic course is to traverse across the material universe,
to it's very edge, then leave it, leaving the world of atoms behind

... what exists beyond is only known by folklore and the cumulative
wisdom of certain wise men

... first, one must make sure your riggings are sound for the
entry into the pure energy realms, and number one on the list
is to get a firm grasp on eternity

... your eternal string, which when strummed, vibrates to the
primordial tone... 0m ... which in my understanding, can be
understood as zero mass, pure energy

... if you can hang onto your eternal string, it will be your
lifeline, securing you from being washed overboard as the last
of your atomic body is washed away, to be left behind in the
cloud of the material universe

... once outside of the material world, make way for the self-luminous
orbs... go toward the light as they say

... upon nearing the self-luminous orbs, it becomes very pleasant,
but do not be tempted to just stop there and bathe in the glow
of pure knowledge ... because you must make one more incarnation,
and that may tempt you like Odysseus's sirens, to fall short of the
ultimate goal, and may even lead to falling back into the material universe,
seeking a new personification

... you must concentrate on the personified form of happiness,
you must want to be with Krishna, or God, in the spirit kingdom

... even then, you do not want to become one with Him, that
would be rude, but only ask how can you be of service to the Lord, in
His heavenly world

... then you have made it, you have landed on the shores of Krishnaloka

© 2012 by zentara