what the debate didn't talk about

... the real problem we face as humans, are the
inconquerable ones: birth, disease, old age, and
death ... the 4 conditions always present in the material

... does having more McMansions built, or bases on the moon
and Mars, or more deadly killing machines really address the
fundamental issues which face us as humans?

... not really, just witness all the intrinsic unhappiness
there is in society, and the preponderance of people on
anti-depressants, tranquilizers, booze, drugs, and whatever
intoxicants are available ... the rich suffer too, there is no
escape except for temporary intoxication

... will Obamacare solve the fundamental issues of human life?
... will Romney's corporate profits solve them?

... I doubt it

... Science cannot find answers to these questions. Sure, they may
find ways of delaying disease and old age, but generally they
just buy people Time ... no one yet has escaped disease and old age,
except for the suicides

... when given a chance at a human life, a chance that lets you
peer off into the spiritual universe, a universe where
the 4 conditions of birth, disease, old age, and death are not
part of the equation, a wise man will do 1 thing, devote his
life to attaining transcendance to that spiritual universe

... otherwise, you come back. Come back into this increasingly
overcrowded, resource stretched world. And when you come back,
conditions on earth may have deteriorated so much that, that you
may not be given the opportunity to have a life of contemplation,
a contemplative life which gives you the chance to see beyond
the material universe

... what this country, and world really needs is a spiritual
re-awakening. The problem is that such an awakening only comes
thru suffering

... it's suffering that makes you dig deep into your soul and
ask why?

... this country is due for alot of suffering to pay for the
material excesses and unjust wars which we have waged, and
the laws of karma indicate that the suffering follows the money

... it pays to be poor

© 2012 by zentara