the pursuit of happiness

... with all the rhetoric in the political news recently,
concerning the people's growing dependency on government,
I must say, that food stamps and government checks, are
in line with the people's pursuit of happiness

... what more heavenly pursuit is there, than to be relieved
of the burden of work? I remember standing on the assembly line,
or working in the fields, thinking I need a world where this forced labor
isn't necessary

... the good news is I found the answer, the bad news is you
have to die to get there :-)

... now that the vast majority of people are migrating
to huge cities, they are all dependent on the government for
maintaining a stable supply of food and water

... even the rich 1% would not like it if their local supermarket
disappeared or was always short of stock

... now for the under-educated masses, whose only job option is hard
manual labor, it gets hard to work in the hay fields, day after day

... food stamps give all people the right to eat, it's almost like
the Garden of Eden, where God just let us feed off of the natural
bounty ... leaving us happy and free

... it's the sign of a very great civilization that all get some daily bread

... we the people have gone thru many wars, and now have the technology
available so that the vast majority of people, do not need to work
all day, by the sweat of their brows, just to feed themselves

... food stamps are not something bad, to the contrary, it is your
right as a citizen to eat food and drink water, even if you are dead broke
and can't find a dollar

... wouldn't it be a sane pursuit of happiness to desire to
have long term security for the ability to procure the food you eat?

... so that even if you were jobless, depressed, crippled, shiftless, or
whatever affliction weighs upon you, you would be able to put a loaf
of bread in your belly everyday, without having to grovel before one
of the Lords of the Material World ... the devils of Babylon

... but just like our failure in the Garden of Eden, where we wanted more
than just to be fed ... so it is with us today

... people think they are entitled to have things, many things. We are trained
by the television and movies to want more things

... we are encouraged to worship things, and people who have lots of things

... eventually, the people with lots of things, own it all, and you have
to kiss their ass just to get your daily bread

... that's why food stamps are good

... the machines grow most of the food now, people are displaced from the land,
and the 1% have devised an economy where you must come to them begging for a job,
from them, and that is how they control us, to make us conform

... but if foodstamps give you the right, to tell the bossman to take his
sh*t and shove it, shovel it himself, then you can be free

... even if martial law was declared in the US, there would be military
trucks handing out 50 lb sacks of grains, beans, powdered milk and government cheese

... but in our desirous world, we want more than just to eat,
and that is where our desires and unhappiness exist

© 2012 by zentara