I wonder what the world will come to

... when you listen to the news, or even watch the
fast pace of the rat race with your own eyes, you can
see the world is out of whack

... by defintion, the Tao is perfectly balanced right now, yet
we can see with our own eyes, the unbalanced craziness

... how do I know this? It's because everything seems stable
at this instant ... it's as though It's a wheel with many balancing
weights added to its rim ... more balancing weights than is
understandable by our tools and instruments

... all we know is that we a spinning in a delicate balance ... there
may be imbalances galor, but all those wild imbalances add up
to the current stable spin

... so what is going to happen? , when?

... it amazes me that no one really KNOWS when, where, or how

... but we all see the statistical tendencies, we can make educated guesses

© 2012 by zentara