the green on blue killings

... with the rash of our soldiers getting killed
by supposedly friendlys in Afganistan, what solutions
are possible?

... I was thinking about personal IFF devices, which
each trusted soldier carries, to identify himself as
a trusted ally

... IFF stands for Identification Friend or Foe, and
when I first saw it, it was used on aircraft in the navy,
to tell nearby ships whose side they were on in the battle

... if an unknown plane approached, you requested it's IFF
beacon, and unless it responded correctly, it was targeted
as an enemy

... so what about a system, where only trusted soldiers gets
a little combined GPS and IFF unit, where they can be tracked
by drones

... I would think there would be problems, such as each IFF carrier
broadcasting its position, which the enemy could triangulate on,
but there are counter-measures which could be used to make
enemy tracking more difficult, such as flooding the area with
many false signals

... then there would be the problem of captured IFF units being
used by the enemy, to decieve the system. I think there would
be counter-measures available for that problem too, like maybe
a way to only allow it to work only with a specific matching soldier,
like a fingerprint scan, along with a keypad security code

... but another solution, if we can't stop our soldiers from
getting shot in the back, by the people we are supposedly helping,
then I say leave, they are not worth it

... the last Russian general to leave Afganistan, stopped and
spit on the Afgan soil as he stepped over the border, cursing the
whole damn country

... we need to toughen up. If the population dosn't want us there,
then lets let go of them, and prepare big bombs if they get
truly out of hand

© 2012 by zentara