thoughts on Muhammad

... after all the uproar over the recent movie trailor
about the prophet Muhammad, I read a little bit of
Muhammad's history ... around 500 A.D.

... he was married 3 times, but only after his previous
wives had died ... he was not worshiped as a deity, but
more of the Deity's messenger to earth ... and the Quran
was revealed to him by the ArchAngel Gabriel

... they claim to uphold the ideals of both the Torah
and the Bible
... so it seems that there is a great basis for common
understanding between Islam and the West

... I think the real issue, is more like a battle between
those promoting the "City of Allah" concept, versus the
forces of Babylon

... the City of Allah: woman covered head to toe with clothes,
they don't drive, and travel in groups when out of their
family's compound ... where you can get stoned to death for adultery

... Babylon: where women walk around topless, and nude
photos of women are plastered all over the media ... where
people have casual sex after meeting at parties ... where
people drink alcohol ... a place where the fantasies can
exist in your mind ... a place where people are mentally
free to think whatever they want

... I don't know where I stand on it, as I now am more
of a Krishna concious Buddhist monk, leaving behind the
chains of the religions which evolved out of the MidEast.
... imagine, freedom from the intimidation from the followers
of Jesus or Muhammad

... Babylon has many ways for you to fall into Hell, but
at least it gives you the choice

... I cannot see the whole world ever being run by an
Islamic society, nor can I see a Christian society running
it ... I think there was meant to be a difference

... the basic tenets of Muhammad seem quite reasonable
to me, sort of like the 10 commandments and the love of
Jesus all rolled into one

... so where do I stand in this conflict? It makes little
difference to me ... my guardian angels asked me where I wanted
to go, and my destination is Krishnaloka
... I said to the angels, I'm kind of curious, how did this
human race thing finally turn out on earth?
. They said
you really do not want to know, just get on your way, and
don't look back ... curiosity kills the cat

... so, good luck to both sides in this war of cultures,
but I'm too old to care any more

... if you want my answer to all of this, it is give up cars,
and go back to everyone riding bicycles and walking, and everything
will settle down

... it's so simple, yet so hard to implement

© 2012 by zentara