the fat wars

... I saw a headline today, about how
people getting fat is the greatest threat
to national security ... from MoM Obama

... being a fatso a few times in my life,
I can attest to the truth of that statement

... being fat makes you need to ride around
in cars, lay around being unproductive, just so
you can give your heart a breather

... that makes us more dependent on government,
as we all get on medicaid, and get disability
money because all you can do is sit on a couch
all day watching tv and drinking flavored sugar water

... if we are to be a strong people, we need to get
skinny and walk alot. Give up the cars, and instead
walk and bicycle. It is 1000 times better for the health.

... losing fat is a real battle, a battle in the inner mind
over who you really are ... are you the skinny person you
really want to be, or are you the fat person you become
if you eat too much

... who controls that mouth, which swallows the food?
... it's a battle of wills

... it gets deep psychologically too, because as I remember
it, as I lost weight, it seemed that others were getting
fatter... as if my loss was their gain ... my weight went
onto someone else's shoulders ... making my load easier

... of course, this is just probably an illusion the mind
plays on us, because as we get skinnier, it appears others
are getting relatively heavier ... you see their excess mass

... on the other hand, heavy people like to delude themselves
into believing they are still slim, and just with the proper
wardrobe, no one would notice

... personally, I've cycled up to over 300 lbs a few times in my
life. Thankfully I'm on a losing cycle now, and I'm getting skinnier

... when I grew up, everyone thought that being 6 foot tall and 200 lbs
as a male, was just about normal ... but the original insurance
tables drawn up after World War 2, when we still had honesty in government,
would say that a 6 foot male should only be around 158 to 168

... it seems like our body weights mirrors the inflating money supply,
just this slow accumulation of fat and debt, which goes un-noticed day
by day, but is very noticable after a year or two

... and fat debt is so hard to pay off ... when you get too fat, and need
to diet, your body aches and you get depressed, and the only thing that
keeps you on the wagon is the thought of how much sleeker you will be
tommorrow if you avoid that indulgence today

... you realize, eating food is like sucking your thumb

© 2012 by zentara