sitting next to a beautiful woman

... it's been so long I almost forgot what
it felt like, to sit and talk to a young
fresh country girl

... but I got my chances recently, and I have
to say, I forgot what the effects of a young
female's pheronomes are, on sex-deprived old monk

... my femme fatale, a trap, to make this old monk
have desires for earth again

... I started to think about making babies, and what if

... I was later musing about some genetic-anthropologist's
assertion that what we are as humans, is really the X and Y
chromosomes, moving forward in space-time

... our bodies are like temporary space suits, it's the chromosomes
way down deep inside that is the life force

... the theory goes on to explain that it is the X chromosome
which seems to hold control of the process, and it joins with
Y's to produce drones to help her

... so men are just around to facilitate the evolution of
the female, meaning the females will select for what otherwise
might be bad behavior, like aggressiveness, because it is
good for her drones to have that characteristic

... or maybe another analogy, is that the X chromosome is like
an aircraft carrier, who needs to be accompanied by escort destroyers,
the Y chromosomes

... somehow, knowing the truth about all of this, takes the
fun out of it all

... I liked being a drone

© 2012 by zentara