task triage

... I heard the term task triage used on the radio,
and it made me think of my own version of the structured
procrastination procedure, which I call adjusting the priority

... I too, once was a victim of the compulsion to get things
done, right away, as if your life and happiness depended on it

... it is sort of this inner game we play with ourselves, where
we whip ourselves up into a frenzy, so we can keep getting things
done, driving ourselves forward, trying to feather our nest in the
material world ... coffee drinking helps alot

... but eventually you realize, that is not where happiness lies

... so then you begin to look at your daily tasks, as burdens, thrust
upon you ... and you wish those burdens would just go away, go away
so that you can be free to honestly contemplate your existence, without
the need to earn your bread by the sweat of your brow

... for most people, the best solution is to simplify your life.
Make your life so simple and efficient, that you have no need to
do the myriad tasks which are on other people's priority lists

... it might not be good for the economy, but it is good for the happiness

... it does get boring, but if my only misery in life is boredom,
I can live with that

© 2012 by zentara