getting my wings

... I saw a picture today of a fan powered hang glider
and it rekindled my dream of flying

... and, just a day a go, I heard a story on feathers,
and the remarkable bird

... the story said that once you remove all the feathers
from a little bird, it is surprising how little actual
bird there is underneath all those fluffy feathers

... they are teeny tiny things, almost all heart, brain
and digestive track

... that got me thinking, what would a human have to look
like to fly with feathers?

... We probably would be just a head and torso, with big wings,
little toothpick legs, and all muscle geared toward flapping those wings
... maybe little arms like a T-Rex

... maybe, we, without our feathers would weigh 50 lbs?

... just sailing above the trees all day, riding the updrafts

... the bad news is feathers are such a maintenance hassle, that
you need to sit in a tree all day, just grooming yourself
... not to mention, the pesky problem of falling out of trees

... I think I'll keep my legs until the bio-engineers work out
all of the glitches

© 2012 by zentara