honesty is the best policy

... I saw Clint Eastwood's comedy skit at the republican

... I broke out laughing when I heard old Clint say things like:
... we own this country
... what are you doing driving a big truck like that?
... F*** Regan
... lawyers shouldn't be president
... did you ever consider asking the russians about fighting a war in Afganistan?

... I actually liked it, and I bet if Clint was doing it at
a party afterwards, it would be very popular amoung
the high-faluting guests, as they privately joked about the 99%

... but, on national tv, it came out as a series of Freudian slips,
embarrassing the stiff-collared rich white people, who were all
looking for Dirty Harry to tell them that they are good chosen people of God.

... I remember, in my youth, they tried to train me to become one
of those rich white people, but I couldn't handle the karma of it all
... I belong on the farm

... those republican women looked liked Stepford Wives, that was spooky

... so it's looks like it's stiff rich pasty white people, who OWN america, versus Obama

... to be honest, I think Obama might be better for a guy like me, even
if the republican line about making everyone rich does seem appealing

© 2012 by zentara