it's wicked in outer space

... I was reading about a new space mission to monitor
the Van Allen Belts, the big magnetic fields generated
by the earth's molten magma core

... these magnetic belts protect the earth from the incoming
radiation from outer space

... and there is plenty to protect against: the sun's solar
flare outbursts, and cosmic rays just blasting in from some exploding
star on the other side of the galaxy

... we are lucky to be alive on the planet's surface, otherwise the only
life around would be in the ocean ... protected by a thick layer
of water

... and oddly enough, it's the water that gets us, because as that
high energy particle rips thru you, it turns your internal H2O into H2O2,
otherwise known as hydrogen peroxide,
and that slowly bleaches you from the inside out

... that's what low levels of prolonged high energy particle radiation
will do to you ... it slowly bleaches you from the inside out

... sometimes, they might hit a blob of genetic material and cause
a mutation, but most humans have builtin detection of damaged genes,
so you can recover

... there was an old song giving advice to future mothers:
Mommas tell your children to keep their feet on the ground.
I would think twice before becoming an astronaut, I admire their courage.

... the purported purpose of this satellite mission was to gain data
to correlate solar flare activity to weather on earth. I'm sure there
is a strong pattern to be found.

... the earth is like this little oasis in the harsh sea of interstellar
space, where the spinning of the great magma goddess pele, generates
invisible shields, which allows us to crawl out of the sea, and onto
the land

... because if the shields collapse, because pele dosn't want to spin
anymore, or if she just runs out of juice, then we will have to crawl
into deep caves or under the ocean to survive

... imagine, whole cities just 10 or 20 feet under water, big tin cans
with portholes, with air pipes going to the surface

... that would shield us from the radiation bombardment from outer space

... like I said, we are lucky to even be alive, enjoy your good fortune :-)

© 2012 by zentara