the world really is going to hell

... I've been going thru the news lately, reading
the stories from all around the world, and trying
to develop a general picture of the state of the planet

... first, you have to wonder if what we observe is
just a reflection of our own internal states of mind

... we want exciting, odd, and terrifying news, because
it thrills us somehow ... so that is what we get

... but even if we filter out alot of the media hype,
and sensationalism, there does seem to be a general
downhill tendency in the graph of the probability of
us continuing on, on this present planetary course

... genocides, religous wars, overcrowded unhappy cities,
people killing their own children, starvation, droughts, smugglers,
and the list goes on and on and on

... and now, everyone is armed to the teeth, just waiting
for the craziness to start

... I wonder what will that one crazy event be? The one that
sets the whole world off, fighting each other like we are starving

... I guess that is why it pays to have a religion, a belief system,
which allows you to step out of this earthly firestorm of bad karma,
and into a world of gods and goddesses, and ultimately, pure Unity

... the odds of a child born today, of having a happy life, are slim

... you wouldn't want to come back and reincarnate on earth, not in the
near future

... so what is a soul to do? You take a deep breath of the cosmic air,
and dive under the surface, until the surface turbulence clears

© 2012 by zentara