what is IQ anyways?

... there was a story today about how
smoking weed as a teen may lower your IQ

... that made me wonder, what is IQ, and what
is it good for?

... when I grew up, a high IQ meant you were good at
solving mathematical type problems, and it makes sense
that some people who are happy existing in the math
hemisphere of the brain, would have high IQs

... however, ( (solving math problems), or (learning to
visualize, quantitize, and graph) the (various aspects of
our material world) ) does not equal ( happiness )

... and happiness is the important variable

... in my youth, during the height of the cold war,
this high IQ was a useful attribute to have, because the
military-industrial complex could use you to run their
high tech army

... now, they are more blatant about it, and just give
video games to kids and teach them to kill with a joystick

... but there is bad karma in war, and to be truly happy,
you would want a world without wars, without genocides,
without all the bizarre atrocities which occur daily, worldwide

... IQ, as they measure it, dosn't account for the karma of the
whole situation which resulted from us opening Pandora's Box.
You need to get on the other side of the brain to deal with that,
with art and poetry

... some people may not want a high IQ, you sleep better with a low one

... ignorance may indeed be bliss. Do people really want to think
about the cosmic rays ripping thru them right now? Or the waves of
neutrinos which emanate from their bodies, leaving trails thru spacetime?

... but we are stuck in the middle now ... karma wise. The whole
militarization of the world is a bad drain on the happiness of the species,
but we do need it for now, in this high speed dangerous world.

... what's a poor boy to do?

© 2012 by zentara