what are we?

... we often talk about ourselves as humans,
and have even elevated ourselves to the top
animal on the planet, but what are we?

... most people have a separation between their
thought process and their bodies, or at least they
think they are something more than a pure animal

... but when you really look at what your body is,
what part of it is actually YOU? Everyone knows you have
to leave your body behind at death, unless you get
assumed into heaven :-)

... so what really are YOU, the controlling conciousness
of that blob of bio-matter?

... your body itself if a collection of gushing streams
of microbes and bacteria, some of whom, are fighting to kill each
other off... there is a hidden war going on in your inner

... even the food you eat needs to be pre-digested by a gazzillion
bacteria in your gut, in a symbiotic union with our bodies

... your skin, is covered with bacteria, all looking for a place to
live on you, their god above

... the Krisha's teach that we are like a rider in a chariot,
pulled by the 5 senses, to what attracts us ... to our desires,
to our cravings, to our lusts

... so what are WE? ... are we more body or mind? Is the human race
just a concept that we have self-invented, or is there something
more going on in the giant world of the cosmic multidimensional

© 2012 by zentara