the coming storm

... I sit here in my camp, and ponder the approach
of the storm ISSAC, which is pretty much heading on
a path toward us, promising to bring a bunch of rain here,
possibly 5 or 10 inches

... if I was somehow able to control the path of the storm
with my mind, which way would I ask it to go?

... on the one hand, the resevoirs, rivers and lakes around here
need a bunch of water, and it has been raining lightly for
many days recently, making the ground soft and receptive to a great
infusion of water

... on the other hand, our road gets washed out with alot of rain,
and the peanut harvest is supposed to start next week, so it might
be useful to avoid the heavy rains

... in my devious mind, I almost would like to see ISSAC head for
Tampa, and screw up the convention ... its a dog and pony show anyways,
since the nominees are already selected

... but water is more valuable than anything when it comes down to it,
even more valuable than peanuts and egalitarian leanings

... so .... I say, bring the rain, and may it be warm and wet

© 2012 by zentara