just sitting around waiting to die

... the is an existentialist saying:
We are all on death row

... as you get more years behind you, and see
many of the elders and movie stars die off,
you realize the meaning of the statement

... in spite of our dreams and unfullfilled desires,
we all go off the cliff, like lemmings, no stopping it

... I was joking with a friend the other day, that scientists
and engineers will probably develope a way to transplant your
head onto an advanced robotic system, which would give you
an artificial heart, lungs, feed tube, and mobility

... you could live on, with only your head

... will ObamaCare cover that? :-)

... I myself probably would prefer to have another organ
transplanted with me ... can you figure out what that is? :-)

... I wonder what effects it would have on your conciousness
to be truly heartless ... no body, just mind

... it would answer the question of whether the soul occupies
the brain, the heart, or maybe the entire body in general?

... I read a little known science fiction book by C.S. Lewis
called That Hideous Strength, and in it, a man's head, transplanted
to the top of a machine, rose to the top of the evil conglomerate
of corporations, and was ruling the world

... it had to be fought ... it had to be destroyed

... but, like the saying goes, we are all on death row

© 2012 by zentara