dedicated deeds

... I think the reason that people want to live is that
they want to see how the future comes out

... I do, I want to see how the human race makes out a 100 or 500
years down the line, considering the problems we face; on the other
hand, I see it may be best to evacuate earth for awhile and let it

... I was lucky enough to live back when there was still alot
of wild woods around, I am sorry to see the glaciers and the
big wildlife areas go ... but that is what we have done, no
doubt about it... we are turning the whole earth into one big

... we will probably all end up in cave like underground dwellings,
for protection from the extreme heat and cold, and consequent violent
... our giant reactor complexes powering the heat, air , and light
... food grown in hydroponic greenhouses, with water from ocean
desalination plants, will feed us just enough to keep us alive

... it will be a meager world for sure, but people will somehow find
a way to laugh about it and enjoy themselves

... how far have we come, since Eve bit the apple?

© 2012 by zentara