random thoughts

... I just read where a judge found that playing poker
is not gambling, but a game of skill, something
that you can learn to master

... of course, the same thing could be said for rolling dice,
and playing craps ... it's a pretty fair game unless the dice are

... I believe in luck myself. I think luck is a living
entity, which controls whether your daily luck is good or bad

... with dice though, you have to watch out for people who
can use a bit of telekinesis to somehow make the dice
roll their way ... maybe you can do this yourself?

... who knows? ... who decides the roll of the dice?

... who decides the draw of the card? Maybe the dealer
shuffled slightly differently, because she had a burger
yesterday, rather than her normal salad, and that slight
difference in the shuffle caused either a good or bad card
to come up for you ... everything can be analyzed to minute detail

... it is suppossed to be random, but is it in reality?

... just how does the future, which is just milliseconds away,
actually occur? ... do our existential thoughts control It, or does It create
our existential thoughts?

... what really is random? You might say that if no number would repeat
itself too often, then it's random; but true randomness has to allow
for the freak once in a trillion event, like the same numbers coming up
3 days in a row

... but, I dropped out of life to meditate precisely on this: what
are random background events, and what are important events

... you would be surprised as to what I have discovered

© 2012 by zentara