the prelude

... I just heard the piece Prelude to the
afternoon of a Fawn ... and it made me wonder that
it's always a prelude to this or that, because
that or that inevitably will occur, and we,
are just waiting for it to happen

... instant to instant, we project forward a future
for ourselves, it's quite obvious to the casual
observer that this is true

... if you don't sense Time flowing, you are quite
flawed mentally

... so what does all this mean? ... what does it mean when we sense
Time flowing, where does this forced forward projection
come from?

... is it a debt we owe to the gods? to God?
... is it something the gods owe us? The priviledge
of a human life in the material world on a linear timeline?

... alot of humans are scavenging for a living in
garbage dumps. It could be you if you choose to
reincarnate on earth... is another human life really
what you want out of existence? Or, is there a more
esoteric level of existence, where there is no need
for death and rebirth

... I see this existence as a prelude to that better world

... it's like we ride a wave called the Instant, which keeps
flowing forward toward an unknown place in spacetime

... there really is no sense thinking about it, you must
ride the wave whether you want to or not

... what really is bothersome to me, is that science has yet
to come up with an explanation of Time, all we do is clock it.

... my advice is: just stay on the board, and ride

© 2012 by zentara