selling the last camel

... I just read a story in the news today, about a man
in Niger, who had to sell off the last of his family's camels
to pay for food and water

... it was like he was cashing in the family's 401(k) so
he could just get by

... he got stuck out in the middle of the desert in a big
annual transmigration, and the summer rains failed to

... alot of us here in the good ole USA, and the Western world
in general, are getting stranded in a similar metaphorical desert

... I said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm glad I'm not
young, I'm glad most of my life is behind me

... I've seen what the world has to offer, and tasted many of
it's pleasures, back when things were plentiful and cheap

... even the skyhigh prices we pay for food now, will seem
like a wonderful "good old days" dream, if inflation eats
away at the money supply ... the ultimate hidden tax

... so be thankful for what we have now, and hope that
we can hang on to it as long as possible

... we generally have peaceful conditions, and have gotten so used
to domestic peace and tranquility, that we don't consider what
would happen if they pushed the country over the edge, for instance,
if they stopped paying anyone their social security checks.

... there would be a general breakout of revolutionary violence

... so how do you NOT cut everyone's pay and benefits, yet still
effectively cut their wages? ... inflation

... I'm just glad I lived when good ice cream was 99 cents a half gallon

© 2012 by zentara