you are what you eat

... I was just musing on how we, the baby boomer
generation, are being forced to face the fact of life,
that if you eat bad while you are young, you will
have a bad time in late age

... medicare or medicaid isn't going to be able
to afford fixing everyone's colons or hearts, just
because you wanted to eat Big Burgers and pizzas
all your life, or even soda pop and candy bars

... it would behoove all who read this, to eat well
... which means alot of whole grain brown rice, a good
brand of oil, and alot of local vegetables

... the whole idea of the macrobiotic diet, is to bring
the entire civilization's food consumption back to what
nature intended

... we wer'nt entitled to twinkies, debby cakes, and my
favorite... spice cakes

... the government just isn't going to have money to pay
for everyone's bad health, which could have been prevented by
better eating as a nation

... I often think to myself, that this belt-tightening recession
is God's way of making us learn to go back to eating right, because
that is all you can afford

... when all the meat eating and alcohol guzzling gets out of the
diet in general, life becomes more pleasant ... less animalistic

... but I too was guilty of much excess intake of mass-quantities

... but then again, in this increasingly overcrowded world, we
all can't live long, many people will die before reaching 100

... so eat, drink, and be merry, for tommorrow we may die!

© 2012 by zentara