what's your your whacko index?

... with all the crazy shootings lately,
I have to ask myself, "what is my own whacko rating?"

... if MI6 were evaluating the probablity of me going
off like a firecracker, and doing some grievous stunt,
what would they come up with?

... I probably look worse than I am :-)

... I wear black, shaved head, beard, avoids modern females,
hermit type, has strange chanting religion

... I was faced with a quandry which made me think of this
problem ... where is the wacko line drawn?

... another wacko-wannabe I know, claimed himself to be
the Devil hisself

... what if I killed the Devil? Would I be a hero or
a villain?

... if you think about it, it's the right thing to do
to kill the devil, it would make you an angel

... on the other hand, its against the law on earth

... oh, yeah, I was an altar boy when I was young,
is that a mitigating factor? The nuns beat it into
our minds to kill the devil

... where does that put you on the wacko index?

© 2012 by zentara