is the Higg's Field alive?

... I know it sounds scientifically absurd,
but what if these deeply hidden energy fields, which
they are discovering now, are alive?

... might not we be scientifically interacting with
the very same snake which ancient aborigines saw as
their Primal existence, only we call it space-time?
... they just knew it as the big snake in the sky

... should the Higg's Boson actually be Mr. Higg's Boson? ,
or maybe Mrs. Higgs, who is married to that EM field that
never sticks around for anything

... they call the Higgs Field the God particle, in a mixed
metaphor sort of way, but it essentially is that energy property
which gives us mass, weight, and gravitation, according to
the scientific spokesmen

... it's what makes an electron have weight, instead of a wave nature
like light

... in my advanced spiritual training, I see that the material
world is not the best place to exist, but then again it is at
least a place

... gravity does seem to hold me down here, I wonder what
will happen when I let this body go? Will I float up, like
sitting in a lawnchair lifted by helium balloons?
... drifting higher, until swept away by the rush of the
solar wind's blast of radiation ... learning to sail on the
solar wind

... I guess that is the basis of my belief system: It is all alive.

© 2012 by zentara