the value of doubt

... one of the things I was taught in my Roman
Catholic schoolboy training was the value of doubt

... Jesus had a special bond with the apostle known
as the Doubting Thomas, precisely because Thomas was
astute enough to not fully believe in Jesus's magical
powers ... he thought Jesus might just be really lucky,
not magical ... a logical doubt to have ... most of us
would be the same way today

... doubt keeps you from becoming fooled ... it keeps
you from becoming a true believer. A true believer in whatever,
Jesus, Allah, Buddha, magic, life, Obama, Romney, even the stock market,
or the glam world of movie stars and make believe movies..

... doubt will save you

... most of what we see and hear nowadays is pure bullshit, hype
created to make money for some individuals or some class

... doubt will keep you from jumping off a bridge, or otherwise
bringing your own demise... because maybe, just maybe, your observations
of reality are flawed ... the truth obscured somehow, and it
is for you to just patiently wait, just a little longer, before
taking action

... now when you come out of that mental tailspin, you have to ask yourself:
what happens if I doubt my own doubts? Maybe the doubts are an
illusion themselves, just there to confuse the appearance of the truth

If you successfully eliminate doubt, then you become a true believer.

I heard on the radio, about an author who writes that
"Believers are winners". Even if they believe in total bullshit,
their "true belief" emotional energy kicks in and it carries them thru life,
giving them energy, most others never taste.
They just suspend the doubt function, and it frees them up.

© 2012 by zentara