it does seem futile

... I was asking myself, if this was the last day
of my life on earth, would I say it was worth it?
... worth it to have experienced the human race on earth?

... would you recommend it to anyone? Any thing to write in the
Cosmic Traveller's Manual?

... I would have to say, I was glad to come to understand
the concept of perfection, the concept of God. But the flip side
of knowing Perfection, is that the pursuit of perfection is futile
in the material world

... another downside to perfection on earth, is that in order for
you to know it exists, you somehow know that you don't have it.

... we have a few young glorious years where, and when, the
whole world seems open to you, then as the years of economic slavery
beset us, the future looks dim and gloomy

... even movie stars get old and stale

... they try to keep everyone's hopes up, but it is futile

... the wise man knows that true perfection exists only in the
spiritual world, meaning that its pursuit, takes you headlong into

... I just pray Krishna is waiting for me, waiting when I have to jump
out of this body... a body which seems to fall apart as you get older

... that is the number 1 futility here on earth, the body falls apart
as you get older ... clearly not a perfect world to be in

... so would I recommend it to any soul out there? No. As a matter
of fact, I tell all souls which I encounter, saying "be my daddy",
make me incarnate, to move straight on into the spirit world, and bypass
earth completely

... if I would do that for my unborn children, I must think very highly
of them, high enough to keep them out of a human incarnation

... but then again, I might never have learned about this, if it wasn't for
my human incarnation

... this life is always a mystery, one just never knows

© 2012 by zentara