out of this world

... a friend and I were discussing the likely
success of the new Mar's rover, called Curiosity

... I had given it a 10% chance of making it, with all
the descent rockets and wire cable techniques
which were being used by robot control

... but with a few billion bucks, and some good
karma, you can get things right sometimes, first try
... I am impressed

... when the first rover made it to Mars, I intercepted this image coming from space :-)

... there is life there after all

... in my spirit oriented mind, I wonder what this signifies in
terms of the karma of the human race?

... we actually have exchanged mass with a neighbor planet,
almost like we take it upon ourselves that we rule every planet
in every solar system ... we just dumped a heap of nuclear powered
titanium there, and crashed a descent rocket there ... we essentially
trashed Mars, and Mars is the God of War, the red planet
... I don't really want to awaken the god of war, but what if?
... what if the old tales of the gods had merit?

... I don't really think anything would come of it, but that thought
keeps entering my mind

... I wonder if we disrespect the conciousness of the planet Mars,
by shooting our wad into it? Or maybe Mars is digging it? Finally
getting confirmation that there is life on earth, all that blueness
and twinkling lights at night really is a civilization

... we cheer now, but I wonder

.... I hope curiosity dosn't kill the cat.

© 2012 by zentara