the roses at the end of time

... I was just telling a friend yesterday
about how in the old days of ox farming,
there was a young ox maiden, who walked in front of,
and to the side of, the ox, singing a song , so that the ox would
then follow her wherever she walked, mesmerized
by her voice
... she could guide him precisely down garden rows tilling weeds,
and even walk him in circles, if she so pleased

... then this morning, I heard on the radio a song
which just mesmerized me... called the roses at
the end of time

... it just had this beautiful young female voice and beat, and
I found my mind just drifting off into thought and slow
rythem, wanting to follow along

... great hypnotic music

... I feel like I'm an ox pulling a cart for the gods, someone up
there in the invisible spirit world is trying to guide me

... they lead me around by my mind

... but now I wonder "what is there at the end of Time?

... does Time even end?, ... the whole basis of
my belief system is that the soul dosn't die with the body,
it continues on into some sort of time-continuum but
without being encumbered by the material body

... beyond that, is useless speculation for a mortal mind

... it's that Higgs boson again, trapping us in the material world
by making our energy have mass, thus causing us to stick to these planets
because of the dead gravitational weight of our accumulated atoms

... I must say, I do enjoy my body and the pleasures of earth

... I would say the greatest pleasure is water... to drink it,
to splash in it, or soak in it

... it's one of my greatest sorrows to see the lakes and streams
get so gunked up that one really dosn't know if you should jump in
or not

... but so far, thank God, most of us have clean drinking water

... and on a Sunday, one should thank God for all the good things
like water

... I love to just float and tread water in a deep pool, especially
with swim fins on ... just a gentle flapping of the legs lets you
float effortlessly in the water, as if one were hovering in air

... maybe that is how I will die, just out there treading water, meditating,
having fun in the waves, and suddenly the end of time... hopefully
its not a shark pulling me under

... it is the one cosmic rule, which no one has seemed to avoid yet,
it's dying ... a week away?, a year away?, 10 years away?, even 100 or
900 years away.... no one has ever evaded bodily death

... even the richest men in the world will all be recycled in, back
into the big heap of souls stuck on earth

... I'm stuck here too

© 2012 by zentara