water lillies

... I was bragging about how cool my little
meditation pool was, and as karma would have it,
it became a maintenance hassle

... it collects leaves and things, which decompose
into nitrogen and phosphorus, then the algae starts

... well, as a natural solution to this, I think I will put in
water hyacinths and maybe a tropical lilly

... that should at least filter the water and make it look

... maybe I'm trying to recreate the Land of the Lotus Eaters,
but I stand in awe of the beauty of a lotus

... Krishnaloka, where I want to go, is reportedly a petal
shaped planet in the spiritual world ... it makes sense that
in another dimensional world, shapes other than gravitationally
collected balls of mud would exist, so a planet that was petal
shaped sure seems plausible

... the flower sure draws me to it, as if it has been programmed into
my inner psyche as an attractive symbol, so when I die, my soul
will swim toward it

... the Ascended Buddhas reported sit on spiritual lotus planets,
which open and close with the Buddha's happiness ... if he is happy
and radiates goodness, his lotus planet opens. If not, it closes off
and goes dark.

... it's amazing, that even after all my scientific training and
western learning, I still believe in spiritual planets ... it is just
something I see inside

© 2012 by zentara