how smart are we ?

... the ancient pyramid building Egyptians thought
that their most knowledgable 1's held the epitome
of cosmic knowledge ... no one could ever know more
than they did already

... look how they were proven wrong, by us, modern
scientifically trained people

... we, like the Pharoahs of old,
also promote the idea that "we are knowlegable
and in control". But are we?

... did we prove the Egyptians wrong in their
religious beliefs that our souls transmigrated space-time
somehow, and setup here on Earth? Our souls come
from a different planet or dimension, but are here on earth now?

... it's something which can never be proven right or wrong,
true or false ... it becomes a matter of faith

... creating faith is something we tend to do now,
so that people have faith in the leadership, and the very
goodness of the land they live on

... it cripples a nation when people no longer have
faith in it's leaders

... the USA is crippled bad, but is still hobbling along
on the basis of their indomitable nature

... the US does not handle losing well in the collective psyche,
it completely destroys our faith in the Nation-God connection,
and makes us doubt ourselves

... makes me wonder "Who are these jerks running the show?"

... hopefully the 1%, the new Pharoahs, are doing the best they
can to correctly steer planet earth, as they are at the helm

... me, I'm just making sure I have a life-preserver with me,
at least a good sleeping bag, because at the very least
you can just lay in your sleeping bag until the next meal
comes along

... but that sort of survivalist camping was, and is, the best
way to survive any sort of calamity

... people should get back into camping for awhile, it is actually
a great way to live... I'm glad my dad took us camping when I was young

© 2012 by zentara