the lightening storm

... I follow the space-news, and recently
they were wondering what all the recent solar flare
activity would do to the earth's surface weather?

... well all the electrons and charged particles
came flying thru here in a storm, a storm where the
wind blew sideways and great sparks of electricity
would just start popping out of anything metal

... I saw pops and bangs and flashes of light that
seemed to jump across 14 inches of air

... at first I thought that it was Krishna's Heavenly chariot,
arriving to pick me up, and take me to Krishnaloka
... but it was just a storm, pumped high in electrical activity
due to the solar flares crashing into the earth's high energy fields create bursts of lightening
fireworks everywhere, snap crackle , pop

... we even joked it was the UFO mothership, flying with
the storm as cover, and it's engines were inducing static
discharges all over the place

... I don't know, but it seemed god-like to me

© 2012 by zentara