getting turned into the Borg

... even though I like all the new video communications
equipment out there, I have to admit that it reminds me
of the Borg

... we will have cannibalized tissue banks for spare parts,
and audio and visual links directly into the collective mind of
the connected

... and they havn't done it yet, but soon we will probably
have brain implants to run all these things which keep
us happy, right from our brains, no hands needed

... special cameras will give our sensor eyes the ability
to see heat, to see in the dark, maybe even see thru walls
... I always wanted to see thru women's dresses. :-)
... these glasses with proper infrared cameras will
allow you to see right thru clothing

... they have a laser now, that can scan you from 100 feet
away, and from molecular reflections, tell what you ate
for breakfast

... me? I'm the anti-Borg. I don't want to be part
of the big collective hive, serving some queen bee

... constantly connected to worldwide events in our
little corner of the material world

... my fascination in all of this, is how science
is trying to replicate psychic communications with their
electromagnetic wave devices

... I don't even own a cell phone anymore, it's very pleasant
to be disconnected

... I'm more interested in the human body's ability to
self-heal and regenerate, than having replacement electronic parts

... So as Captain Jean Luc Piccard, of the Starship Enterprise would
do, fight the Borg, they are coming, and they are so clever, they
are making us do all the R&D ourselves, rather than just coming in and
just blatantly turning us into their robotic mind-controlled slaves

... whew...that was a close one :-)

© 2012 by zentara